Jan, 2018 29

How to Identify Gold: 13 Ways Tell You If Gold Is Real and Avoid Fake Gold

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“Gold is the corpse of value”… Neal Stephenson.

The above quote is a simple yet […]

Sep, 2017 29

The Most Effective Gold Bar Casting Method

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It is generally believed that the quality of a gold bar depends entirely on […]

Sep, 2017 22

2017 Shenzhen jewelry exhibition

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2017 Shenzhen jewelry exhibition will be held on September 14-18 at the Shenzhen Convention […]

Sep, 2017 06

Superbmelt’s outdoor outreach activities

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In order to enhance the cohesion of our team, we cultivate team members’ hard-working […]

Jun, 2017 29

Explaining Different Gold Melting Methods

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Whether you are a goldsmith, a jeweler or just an ordinary person who has […]

Sep, 2016 29

Medium frequency power supply PLC operation of induction furnace

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Basic Operation Steps of the Power Unit:

Connect the external power, and turn on […]

Aug, 2016 30

Difference between Gold Smelting Equipment and Gold Melting Machine

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Gold melting and smelting are metallurgical procedures you can use to concentrate and recover […]

Mar, 2016 19

The comparison of gold smelters between induction and Resistance type

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If you have requirement about melting time and long time working, the induction heating furnace is the best choice...

Feb, 2016 23

10 benefits of vacuum jewelry casting machine

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Gold/silver vacuum jewelry casting machine is designed for jewellery castings. This machine is designed […]

Jan, 2016 22

Induction System Work Principle And Application

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The high-frequency and high-frequency current flows around the heating coil which is made of circu-lar or other shapes, (Usually with made of copper), great and instant...

Jan, 2016 05

Suitable Ways Of Melting Iron Scrap

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Iron scrap can be melted and mold in various desirable shapes to be used later. It needs high heat to be applied in order to melt. There are many...

Dec, 2015 07

Safety Notes Of Induction Smelting Furnace

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1. IF induction coil and water cooling cable in working are strictly prohibited to personnel contact. This is a normal phenomenon that water cooling...