Nov, 2015 09

How To Select Induction Power Supply For Metal Melting

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When the frequency is higher, the heating speed is higher, but the heating depth is shallow; When the frequency is lower, the heating speed is lower, but the heating

Sep, 2015 18

Steel Plate Induction Heating Machine Instruction

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Simple procedure Note: According to steel samples of customers, we customized the appropriate sensors, customers require a temperature about 1000 °c

Aug, 2015 26

Features Of Induction Metal Diathermy Furnace

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Speedy heating, high efficiency, low carbon oxidation off, saving the cost of materials and forging die.Due to the principle of electromagnetic

May, 2015 09

Design And Using Of Coreless Induction Furnace For Melting Aluminum

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Apr, 2015 04

How To Choose The Metal Melting Induction Furnace

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As for the same type of intermediate frequency induction furnace, the price has vary widely in price. Take1 ton of furnace which is widely used

Mar, 2015 09

Customized Electric Melting Equipment For 100kg Copper And 50kg Iron

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Electric Melting Equipment Instruction
According to our customers requirement from Bangladesh, our company designed one […]

Feb, 2015 27

The Comparison Between Aluminum Shell Furnace And Steel Shell Furnace

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It is controlled by the reduction box as the both sides on the picture.The furnace body is fixed by the reduction box in the air. It is controlled by the hydraulic system.

Jan, 2015 18

The Induction Melting Machine’s Advantage In Jewelry Making

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Reminding of our jewelry, most women firstly go into the mind should be gold.We’ll talk about our jewelry furnace processing now. First of all, ore processing, refining, followed by purification, and finally