Gold Melting Furnaces

SuperbMelt gold melting furnaces are cam generally be used for processing metals in the weight range 1-50 kg. The gold melting machines can in spilt seconds reach a temperature of 1800℃. The features do not only speed up your metal casting process. It also saves you a lot of cost which may have to be spent on utilities (Power consumption).
Induction gold melting furnace is a versatile and power-efficient machine. It can be used at home for the recovery of precious metals such as gold and silver. This product also finds application in so many industries. It can be efficiently put to use in small foundries, laboratories, and jewellery shops!

  • SuperbMelt gold smelting machines are designed with the advanced IGBT induction technology. This feature aids the furnace to attain is maximum temperature (1800℃) faster.
  • The gold melting equipment is also highly efficient, cost-effective and it consumes far less energy. Only about 3.5-45 kW of electricity is needed for melting about 1-50kg gold (silver, copper and other non-ferrous metals).
  • Unlike other furnaces in the market. These can also be operated for 24 hours nonstop.
  • When compared with traditional furnaces. These furnaces can sustain a lot of heat without causing any damage to the furnace.
  • The gold melting pots are also designed with a powerful heat sources. These heat sources are capable of melting both ferrous and non-ferrous metals in split seconds.
  • Induction heating in gold melting kilns have notable advantages. Heat emanates from the charge itself, so no burning fuel, gasses.
  • SuperbMelt gold smelters also come with high-performance mixers. These enable the homogeneity of your products and they as well gives touch of quality to your product.

Are you on the lookout to starting your own small-scale smelting business? As a leading supplier of induction gold melting equipment, we are the best choice for precious metal refining, scrap recovery and metalworking just to mention a few.

Speedy melting rate within 2 min per batch

Portable design, easy to move and fix

Speedy melting rate within 4 min per batch

Built in water pump, easy to cool

Max temperature could be up to 2600 degrees

100% duty cycle, 24 hours continuous working ability

The full melting time is less than 5 mins

Suitable for 10kg gold or 4kg platinum melting

Used to fuse large amounts of gold

Used for casting large and heavy gold parts

Designed for 10-50kg non-ferrous metal melting

Motor drive chain to complete pouring

Why Choose SuperbMelt Gold Melting Furnaces

Advance IGBT induction technology leads to speedy melting rate 1
Strict supplier Management System and ISO 9001 : 2015; CE Quality Management System 3
2 Years warranty: One year longer than the warranty provided by other factories 5
2 Omni-bearing protection warning functions to ensure safety
4 100% duty cycle, 24 hours continuous working ability at maximum power
6 High Quality: Only choose famous brand main electric components for production

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