Small Induction Furnace

SuperbMelt small induction melting furnace (SPB-MF) for 10-50kg non-ferrous smelting

SuperbMelt small induction furnace (SPB-MF) can be used to melt any metal of choice. Both your ferrous and non-ferrous metals such as gold, silver and lead can easily be processed in no time. This small induction machine (SPB-MF) can accommodate metals in the weight range of 10kg to 50kg.

SuperbMelt small induction furnace (SPB-MF) also comes with a digital Simen control system (PLC) It gives more precision and accuracy to your readings.

Have you got a small foundry, such as copper foundry, iron foundry, precious metal recovery plant, precious metal foundry? With the best price, SuperbMelt induction melting furnaces are got you covered.

The power supply with SIEMENS's PLC control system is more intelligent for the whole melting process.

The motor of the small induction furnace drives the chain to realize the tilting, stability and safety.

The power supply has an omni-directional protection to ensure the safety of the machine and operator.

Why SuperbMelt Small Induction Furnace

2 Years Warranty:

One year longer than the warranty provided by other factories

High Quality:

Only choose famous brand main electric components for production

ISO CE SGS Approved:

Professional certification bodies certify that the machines are of high quality

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